Summary :

The Main purpose of this script is to make hot copy of mysql database with php the same way as you can get whith the perl script called mysqlhotcopy and who comme whith mysql distribution.
The second purpose will be to make remote copy of mysql databases or tables.
finaly if we can do a splitted gziped sqldump.
that's all for the first version. feel free to send comment and suggestion to my email at sourceforge

Logs Release :

18-Oct-2002 02:41 PM GMT+9:
This First release stink and i invite only people who whant to work on it to download it
Download the first realease there :

17-Oct-2002 05:58 PM GMT+9:
Until i don't think i got a portable version of the sript i won't post it first alpha version.
Normaly it'll apear in 2 or 3 day i hope. For now it's a realy early version who copy the entire database and i'm not sure it's compatible with an other os
They're is no security on this script and some function are not yet working (i'll remove or finish them before sending it).

17-Oct-2002 04:48 PM GMT+9:
This web page sucks a lot i know !

logs Project :

I Need to check the table version (I forgot that mysql can handle more than one database file format)

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